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All of the artworks in this years exchange is on paper sized 22 x 26cm and have an edition of 12. Only one print from the edition (Edt.# 2/12) is for sale.

For a chance to win an exclusive set of 10 artworks from this years exchange, why not buy a ticket for our prize draw.

Kilrialaig Schoolhouseby Aidan Flanagan

Aidan Flanagan

Kilrialaig Schoolhouse

Etching & Aquatint
Image Size: 10 x 15cm
Unframed Price: €100
Fort House, Back Doorby Benita Stoney

Benita Stoney

Fort House, Back Door

Image Size: 10 x 15.5cm
Unframed Price: €100
Nibsby Bernie Fleming

Bernie Fleming


Image Size: 26 x 22cm
Unframed Price: €70

by Biddy Mulligan

Brigid Mulligan

Fitzroy, Pataognia

Image Size: 16 x 16cm
Unframed Price: €80
Half Dozenby Elaine Crowe

Elaine Crowe

Half Dozen

Image Size: 18 x 22cm
Unframed Price: €100
City Crane & Foxesby Emma Lanigan

Emma Lanigan

City Crane & Foxes

Image Size: 20 x 15cm
Unframed Price: €100

Mourning into Dancing by Hugh Murphy

Hugh Murphy

Mourning into Dancing

Linocut and Metallic Ink
Image Size: 22 x 26 cm
Unframed Price: €75


Untitledby Ilaria Pellizzaro

Ilaria Pellizzaro


Image Size: 14 x 14cm
Unframed Price: €95
Snail Trailsby Jacinta Moore

Jacinta Moore

Snail Trails

Image Size: 15 x 20cm
Unframed Price: €60

Vicous Circleby Julz Marulina

Julz Marulina

Vicous Circle

Image Size: 17 x 17cm
Unframed Price: €100
Kit's Chameleonby Marg McArdell

Marg McArdell

Kit's Chameleon

Image Size: 13 x 20cm
Unframed Price: €60
Untitledby Marliese Hertfelder

Marliese Hertfelder


Image Size: 22 x 26 cm
Unframed Price: €70

Untitledby Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan


Image Size: Size
Unframed Price: €100
Who Owns a Womans Body?by Nicola Gunwhy

Nicola Gunwhy

Who Owns a Womans Body?

Digital Print
Image Size: 10 x 14cm
Unframed Price: €100
Waiting Impatientlyby Norah Brennan

Norah Brennan

Waiting Impatiently

Image Size: 16 x 20cm
Unframed Price: €100

Untitledby Orla Bates

Orla Bates


Image Size: 22 x 26 cm
Unframed Price: €100
Tangled Thoughtsby Paul Maye

Paul Maye

Tangled Thoughts

Image Size: 18 x 17cm
Unframed Price: €60
Purple Flowerby Pauline Kinihane Kane

Pauline Kinihane Kane

Purple Flower

Carborundum & Drypoint
Image Size: 12 x 11cm
Unframed Price: €100

Sleepyhead IVby Shane Crotty

Shane Crotty

Sleepyhead IV

Image Size: 15 x 15cm
Unframed Price: €100
Walking Stick in Lilacby Susie Quinn

Susie Quinn

Walking Stick in Lilac

Image Size: 19.5 x 15cm
Unframed Price: €100
All in your headby Suzannah O'Reilly

Suzannah O'Reilly

All in your head

Image Size: 15 x 20cm
Unframed Price: €100

Celestial Sloopby Tony O'Loughlin

Tony O'Loughlin

Celestial Sloop

Image Size: 17 x 21cm
Unframed Price: €60
Balaclava IV by Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Balaclava IV

Colour Etching
Image Size: 14x19 cm
Unframed Price: €150

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